Thanksgiving Apron

I was super excited when I found that the Dollar Tree has aprons! These were blank canvases just waiting for me to embroider them!

For Thanksgiving I was cooking a turkey dinner for just me any my husband which gave me the opportunity to wear a new apron!


My $1 apron!

DSCN1394To begin I selected a tear away stabilizer. I placed the stabilizer and the apron in my embroider hoop. Made sure it was night a tight,

DSCN1395I hooked up my laptop to transfer my embroidery design to my machine. I used for my design. This website has a large selection of free designs! Once all set I pressed the green button and let my machine do the work, stopping to change thread color, of course! In my experience I have learned to go by the color sequence that comes with the pattern and not go by the colors that show up on my machine. Otherwise I would have ended up with a blue turkey!

DSCN1407I love how this came out! Although I wish I would have not used a brown apron, but I’m still quite pleased 🙂


Happy Refashioning!!!


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