Dyeing Tutorial

I apologize to everyone who saw this post unfinished. I’ve been having technical issues with the wordpress app but the issues have resolved.

So without anymore delay there is my process for dyeing clothing in the washer machine.

I have been using this method for the past 2 years and I have not had any issues as far as dyeing my machine. I was SUPER nervous to use my washer machine at first because my machine was brand new! The trick is to wash the machine IMMEDIATELY after your are done with the dye. Also since my machine is white I always wipe it down on the outside with bleach.

I purchased some kitchen supplies from the Dollar Store to use ONLY for my dyeing projects.

You will need:

2 cup measuring cup


1 tablespoon


Rubber gloves


I usually like to start with the powder RIT dye.


MIX contents of dye packet with 2 cups HOT water! Mix until all of thee powder is dissolved. Be careful not to splash!

DSCN1361For most fabrics I add 1 cup of salt to the dye mixture.

DSCN1362Start the washer with HOT water. Make sure you fill it enough for your fabric to float freely in the water (usually a medium-high setting)

Add 1 Tablespoon of laundry detergent.

DSCN1363Add your dissolved dye mixture and 1 cup salt to HOT water in the washer machine.


Prior to adding your fabric to the dye bath in the machine, RINSE fabric in warm water.

ADD fabric to dye bath in washer machine.

The RIT directions say to let fabric soak 30 minute prior to the wash cycle starting. I always like to leave my fabric in the dye bath for 60-90 minutes.

STIR around your fabric every once in awhile.

AFTER the 60-90 minutes are done I let my machine continue with the actual wash cycle and switch the water temp to COOL.

DSCN1364Once my project is sitting in the dye bath I always clean up with some bleach around the outside of my machine.

Once your machine is done with the wash cycle I usually hang dry my project, but you could always throw it in the dryer on a low temperature.


When you are all DONE dyeing in the machine make sure to wash your washer with bleach! That way you won’t have any accidents when you wash your next load of laundry.

To Wash Your Washer Machine:

Run your washer on the highest water setting with the HOTTEST water.

ADD 1 cup of bleach and 1 Tablespoon detergent.

Then you are all set! You now have a completed dye project and a clean washer machine 🙂

Happy Refashioning!!!


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