Country Dress Refash

I am ashamed that I have been holding onto this dress since I started my blog…2years ago. So, finally the day has come for this little dress to be refashioned! Yay!IMG_1081[700]

Joining this dress will be a part of another dress…

DSCN1350I have always been drawn to eyelets which makes this dress so beautiful to me.

DSCN1351I began by taking in the green floral dress in by 2 inches.

DSCN1352I harvested the front of the eyelet dress because it had beautiful clear round buttons.

DSCN1353I cut a slit down the front of the dress and folded over the sides to make a v-neck. After my v-neck took shape I pinned in the bit of fabric I took from the eyelet dress.

DSCN1354To make the v-neck fall flat I had to fold down all around thee neckline as well.

DSCN1356I took the bottom part of the eyelet dress…

DSCN1357I pinned it to the bottom of the dress dress and there you have it! A beautiful dress with a country girl feel!


Happy Refashioning!!!


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