Poodle Skirt Refash

During the summer the hubby and I attended the Woodward Dream Cruise. This is an awesome event where everyone in the Detroit area cruises their classic cars up and down Woodward Ave. over the span of a few cities! It’s a cool event and we have family friends that always host a dinner as well!

The Woodward Dreams Cruise always had a 50’s theme, to me at least.

That is what inspired my refash.

About 9 years ago I had made my own poodle skirt to wear to different classic car shows as well has city fairs. Alas my original poodle skirt has shrunk and no longer fits 😦 Time to make a new and improved model!

I was particularly impressed at myself on my original poodle skirt because I had made my poodle out of a white terry cloth towel…creative huh?!


First I needed a shirt for my outfit. I picked out this lovely white button down.

DSCN1315Isn’t that lace collar just darling!?

DSCN1316Since this was a summer event the sleeves had to go!

DSCN1317After I removed the sleeves I folded the arm holes back to create a sort of halter look.

DSCN1318After fixing the arm holes I then took the sides in about 1/2 an inch (which turned out to be a bit too much in the bust, surprisingly).

DSCN1308It was time to start on the skirt once my shirt was altered.

I printed out a silhouette of a poodle and made it a stencil. I traced the poodle on the backing of some self-sticking felt (coolest $2.99 ever spent)!


After tracing the poodle I cut it out of the felt and stuck it onto a plain black skirt I was lucky enough to have thrifted!

DSCN1319After applying my poodle to my skirt I added a dot of fabric paint for the eye, an adorable tiny bow (because she’s a girl poodle) and red sequined ribbon for a collar and leash! I used fabric fusion for the sequin collar and leash.



Oh see my saddle shoes? Yep I made those out of plain white tennis shoes and black fabric paint!


Happy Refashioning!!!


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