No Sew Work T-Shirt Refash

A few weekends ago my dental company had a booth set up at a local event and I was to work it for a few hours. I can assure you that I was NOT cleaning teeth under a tent out on the open. My job was basically to attract new patients with our award winning personalities (and the free dental swag helped).

You can also imagine how excited I was that I did not have to attend this event wearing scrubs! I even got an awesome t-shirt to wear!!!!DSCN1339Okay…so it’s just a t-shirt. BUT not for long…

DSCN1343I began by cutting off the bottom hem, sleeve hems, and collar.

DSCN1345Then I cut open each side up to the armpit.

(I used a t-shirt that I like the fit of to determine how long to make the strips).

I used my rotary cutter to cut strips 1/2 inch wide by about 1 inch long. (Same concept as a fleece tie blanket).

Then alternated flipping the strips over, this makes it easier to keep track of the ones that still need to be tied.

DSCN1346I tied the front and back strips together.

DSCN1347For the sleeves I cut a small slit just above the shoulder seam.

I used the scrap from the sleeve hem to tie the sleeves up.


I used the scrap from the bottom hem as a headband!

But my accessories could not stop there, Oh No!

DSCN1341I started with these lovely plain white slip-ons.

DSCN1342Then used fabric markers to draw on a boy and girl tooth! Cute aren’t they!?!



Now this shirt has some personality!

After I worked hard at the event the hubby and our dear friend, Kyle came out to take me for dinner!


After dinner we wound up at a local brewery for board games and beers! (Life: my favorite of all)



Happy Refashioning!!!


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