Teal Dye Fun!

I have been picking up a lot of plain white tops on my thrifting runs with the intention of doing some dye projects.

I especially love this top because of the lattice design on the front. Not to mention the fact that it already was sleeveless, because you all know how much I love to take the sleeves off!



I thought I had taken a picture during the dye process, but I didn’t.

I chose a teal dye and I used RIT liquid dye… which I normally use the powder dye.

After my shirt was done dyeing I took the sides in, just a smidge.

After all my hard work was done, my hubby and I went to the bass master event at our local park on Lake St. Clair.




3 thoughts on “Teal Dye Fun!

    1. For this project I used my machine. I find that the machine method works best. When using the bucket method after your fabric sits in the dye it needs to be rinsed with cold water until clear…I find that it’s hard and time consuming. Where as with the machine method it takes care of the rinsing and wringing out process.
      I was super afraid to dye in my machine at 1st because it was a brand new machine.
      After dyeing in the machine be sure to run the machine with HOT water and 1 cup bleach. My machine is white so I always wipe the outside with bleach as well. I have never had a problem with my machine being permanently dyed or turning my next load of clothes colors.
      I’m currently working on a post about my exact dyeing method, so stay tuned later in the week for that!! 🙂


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