Off the Shoulder Shirt

This refash was done for Labor Day weekend. The holiday all boaters dislike because it signals the end of the summer season.

As always I wanted to see summer off with a bang!

I started with this tropical shirt….


Totally cool, right?!


I began by cutting strait across the shirt right under the collar.


I folded over the top to make a casing for some elastic. I used 1/2 inch elastic.


I left a 1 inch gap so I could thread the elastic through.


Then, I stitched up the 1 inch gap.


The sleeves were originally a very awkward length so I cut off the cuff… saved the buttons for later. Then made a new hem for the sleeves.


I thought I was all done until I found this…. hole. I did a little darning action to close uo the hole. Then I was weekend ready!


Last weekend for white pants!


For our Labor Day celebration we waited until dusk to send up some sky lanterns, which was super cool!



Happy Refashioning!!!

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