Maxi Skirt Refash

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this refashion with you guys! Although, I cannot take all of the creative credit for this one. I owe it all to Jilian Owens over at She is where I got the inspiration for this one!

For this refash I went back to my Kentucky Derby post….

DSCN1256Remember me?

I re-purposed a maxi skirt into a strapless maxi dress! This was a no sew refash but not I am using it for a Sew Refash! It’s a twofer!DSCN1260I just can’t get enough of this chevron pattern!

DSCN1301I began this refash by cutting off 5 inches off the length to make a short dress.

DSCN1302Whelp, I figured that I didn’t cut enough and went in for another chop!

And then of course I cut too much at the second attempt which made my new dress into a long shirt. Oh well, not a huge mistake.DSCN1305I used the thickest scrap I cut from the bottom of the dress and sewed  2 new hems (on the top and bottom).

I then pinned the ends of the scrap to each side of the front of my shirt. This created the scrap to drape across my shoulders. The Refashionista called this a cowl but I think it is more of a reverse cowl. Either way, it turned out super cool!


Even though I hoped this would be a dress I am happy with it as a long shirt!

Happy Refashioning!!!

Check out The Refashionista’s post that inspired my own post:


Again, Happy 30th Jess! Thanks so letting us celebrate with you!


My hubby painted the beer mug and I painted the wine glasses! We had so much fun!


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