Rockin’ 80’s Refash

Last week the hubby took me to see my most favorite rock band: Foreigner!!! O-M-G I can’t begin to tell you guys how happy I was! I LOVE every single one of their songs!

DSCN1296This lovely vest shirt was given to me by our roomie, who actually move out and is not a roomie anymore 😦

I began by turning it inside out and putting it on my dress form: Sally.

DSCN1298I took the sides in a bit, about 1 inch. I stitched the sides up and that was it! Shirt: done!

Now for this next part…don’t judge me!

DSCN1299This is something I usually frown upon….Undergarments as OUTERgarments. But seeing that this was a rock concert I made an exception.

But this undergarment will not do all by it’s self! It needed some pizzazz!



I picked up some sticky rhinestones and sheet of rhinestones and stuck that on to add some pizzazz! Ohhh Yeah!


Foreigner was SO AMAZING!!! I was so happy I finally got to see them in concert! Plus I made a rockin’ outfit!


I also made these cut off shorts a few years ago! Bonus! I think they really completed my outfit! (I had to take my after picture after the show due to the horrible downpour of rain during the show).

Happy Refashioning!!!


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