Beautiful Hand Embroidered Shirt

A few weekend ago the husband and I had a dental hygiene course in East Lansing. You know what that means…You guessed it! I needed an outfit to wear! I have ALWAYS loved business attire but I obviously cannot wear anything but scrubs to work. So, I always look forward to my quarterly dental hygiene meetings for work and any of the various hygiene courses we take.

DSCN1287I acquired this beautiful hand embroidered shirt that was made in Japan. I believe this beauty is vintage!

DSCN1288Look at that beautiful lace embroidery on the front, sleeves and neck ties!

DSCN1289I began by taking in the sides of the shirt by about 1 inch. Stitched that together and cut off the excess with my pinking sheers.

DSCN1290I took off the sleeves, which I honestly hated doing because of the beautiful embroidery that was on the sleeves. Alas, the weather was forecasted to being 85 degrees, so there was no way I was wearing a black shirt with long sleeves!

After I removed the sleeves, I free-handed a rolled hem around the arm hole.

DSCN1291Now after I tried on my new shirt I realized that the lace detail showed EVERYTHING underneath…..not very god for a professional gathering.

I took a scrap of the sleeve fabric to make a back for the lace.

Nothing wrong with a little modesty!

DSCN1292Pinned that fabric on the backside of the lace detail. Sewed that and that was that!


I wore my beautiful new shirt with a skirt that was given to me by a very dear family friend, who actually gave me a TON of clothes!


Happy Refashioning!!!


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