The Shorts Dress

Long time no post! I have missed you all! I promise I will have more amazing refashions for you come August!

Here is one to hold you over until then…

I had purchased this dress from the thrift store back in the winter. I was eagerly waiting the nice warm Michigan weather to refash this one!

DSCN0995After I purchased this dress I took it home only to find out that it is not a dress at all! It is a shorts dress! I was so delighted, how neat! (Pay no attention to my face. Where am I even looking?)

I wasn’t too crazy about the faded white background of this “dress” so I put it into the washer with some Teal fabric dye.

DSCN1295Once my “dress” came out of the dye I took in the sides by a 1 1/2 inches. Sewed that  up and Bingo! A new summer outfit!


Wore it to the zoo and was perfectly comfortable! (Yes I bought a frog stuffie souvenir)2017-31-07-19-45-59

Happy Refashioning!!!


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