Bleach Shirt Fail

Hello there readers! Long time no post! I feel like it has been a year since my last post. I apologize for leaving you all in suspense.

This refash started as a dud. I originally wanted this to be a bleach stencil shirt.

DSCN1148Plain pink tank! You know I can’t resist pink!

DSCN1177I printed a design on some freezer paper. I cut out the design.

I ironed the stencil onto my tank (with low heat).

Then I got out my bleach pen and went to work filling in the design. I also filled up a spray bottle with 50:50 bleach and water and gave it a few spritzes.

I looked up some other tutorials on bleach stenciling and found that most people let thr bleach sit for around 30minutes. I did just that and it didn’t seem to be done….so I waited. And waited. And waited some more. After the 2 hour mark I decided it must be done and I just didn’t realize it. I rinsed off the bleach and was left with….nothing. Na da. Not a thing.

DSCN1270Yep, nothing. So being very discouraged I dried thr shirt and tried just spraying the shirt with 100% bleach and ended up with the same result…just a unharmed, un bleached pink tank top.

Oookay, soo plan C was put into action.

Like a not very smart person I didn’t save my original stencil I made on the computer. So, plan C called for a slightly revised version of my first stencil. Printed that onto some freezer paper, cut it out and ironed the new stencil onto the tank top.

DSCN1273I used some Pewter fabric paint to paint on my design.

After the paint dried….
DSCN1271I cut 3 triangles of fabric that I had. (I think the patterns fit with the theme of the shirt) I wanted to make triangular cut outs on the back of the tank top. To do this I cut triangles of heat n bond (notice: I cut out the middle of each triangle)

I applied the heat n bond to the right side of the fabric this time, because I wanted it to be the visible part of the cut out.

I ironed on the heat n bond triangles onto the back side of the tank top. Then I cut the fabric out that was covering the fabric triangles.

DSCN1272My last  step was to sew along the edges of the triangle cut outs, to make it look complete.



I mean really? Is there such things as bleach resistant material? I can say that after an unfortunate cleaning accident a pair of my work scrubs are not bleach resistant…why couldn’t it work on this silly tank top?

Anyway…Happy Refashioning!!!


4 thoughts on “Bleach Shirt Fail

  1. Perfect timing, thanks! I’ve been gathering supplies to do something like this, and your tutorial really helps a lot (I’ve been a little nervous about how this is going to go down).

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  2. There is! There IS such a thing as Bleach Safe Material! I found that out the frustrating way too!!! I just posted about it actually. Soooooo irritating hey? But you salvaged the heck outta this shirt without bleach anyways. LOVE the triangles in the back. I found your blog by searching for Bleach Stenciling T’s and I love it. Consider me a fan 🙂 I can see myself getting a lot of ideas from you for all the thrift store clothes I bring home!

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    1. It makes sense because in a normal situation bleach would be awful on a clothes hahaha But definitely very irritating in this situation!
      Aww Thank you so much! I am so happy to hear my refashions are an inspiration! 🙂

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