Kentucky Derby Hat

For this years Kentucky Derby I challenged myself by only using items from the $1 store!

DSCN1252I was lucky enough to find a hat at the dollar store! What luck!

DSCN1253I assembled my $1 goodies! I even found a toy horse!

DSCN1254How appropriate is this adorable horse! However, I did have to paint him.

After I secured my horse I arranged the flowers around him in a beautiful arrangement!

DSCN1256I’ve had this maxi skirt for ages but never quite knew what to do with it….

I’ve seen some people wearing their maxi skirts as maxi dresses, which I thought was a pretty good idea.

So, with that being said I give you a repurposed maxi skirt into a dress!

DSCN1260Happy Derby!

DSCN1267My beautiful hat!

DSCN1269The back!


Happy Refashioning!!!


One thought on “Kentucky Derby Hat

  1. I do this all the time with Maxi Skirts #ShortGirlProblems. I think the hat is great. You remind me of Eliza Doolittle when she’s at the races with Professor Higgins 🙂


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