Funky Shirt Refash

This refash pushed me out of my comfort zone. I took a shirt with a very funky bold print. I’ve got to tell you, I really liked the final result!

dscn1217It’s hard to see but the bottom of the shirt has a band of black elastic. Makes it a bubble shirt!

dscn1220I did not care much for the length of thr sleeves. My original idea was to cut the length off the sleeves ans make a new hem. But I was fooling with the new length of the sleeves I rolled the sleeves and decided I liked the rolled up look instead.

dscn1221I rolled the sleeves 3 times and sewed to secure underneath.

dscn1222Then a small stitch to secure the top.

dscn1223I removed the top 3 buttons.

dscn1224I put a small stitch to secure the inside flap around the neck. I wanted to tack it down because it kept popping up and itching my neck.

dscn1225After I removed the top buttons I folded down the front to make a v-neck. Sewed that down.

Pretty snazzy, right!?

We went out for dinner and drinks to celebrate our roomies acceptance into the social work PhD program! She’s such a hard worker and we are so proud!

Happy Refashioning!!!


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