1960s Inspired Refash

Readers, you are in for a treat! I have a refashion for you that I have been holding onto for the past 2 years!

When I had started my blog 2 years ago I ran out and scooped out a ton of refashion material. I have had a great idea for transforming this piece but I need a special place to wear it. Last month the hubby took me to see an Elvis show at a local performing arts venue. I was so ecstatic! 1. I LOVE Elvis and 2. I finally had the perfect place to wear my refashion!

Here we have a lovely floor length 2 piece dress.

When I finally came up with my idea for this dress I came into a road block..

I had wanted to add faux fur accents to the dress and it’s matching jacket. I searched high and low for the perfect faux fur, every fabric store, every thrift store for MONTHS! Until finally one day at the Salvation Army .50 cent sale I stumbled across this beauty… dscn1186I really hated to cut up this poor jacket, but it was the perfect type of faux fur!

dscn1187I snipped off those annoying hanger ties and shoulder pads!

dscn1188I wanted to keep the jacket because I loved the flowers on the material. However, I did not want to keep the oversize jacket. So I decided to make the jacket into a cape. I sewed up the sleeves.

dscn1189Added the fur collar from the jacket into the cape.

dscn1190I took in the sides of the dress.

dscn1191Decided on how much length to take off.

dscn1192Pinned and sewed a new hem.

dscn1193After I took the collar off the jacket. I cut 2 strips off the bottom of the jacket to piece together.

dscn1194After sewing a new hem on the dress I added the strips of fur.

dscn1196Pretty fancy!!!


and with the cape! Ohh lala!2017-05-3-14-39-39

Happy Refashioning!!!


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