Scrub Dress Refash

I picked up this white scrub dress because it was a total blank canvas! It was also in my size! Perfect! But what to do with it?! Should I dye it? Make it into a nurse’s costume for next Halloween?!?


I decided to dye it!!! I went to my stash of Rit Dye and selected purple! A color I really like but don’t wear enough of it.

dscn1163I followed the directions on the box of dye. I let my dress soak in the dye bath for 30 minutes. After I checked on it I decided it needed to soak more. I left my dress in the dye bath 1 1/2 hours before turning on the wash cycle. This left the dress a rich purple color, which I was super happy with!

dscn1171I wanted to add some details to the dress to break up the solid color. My idea was to add appliques made of black lace. I drew 2 hearts on the back of some heat n bond.

dscn1172I took some lace that I had leftover and folded it once. I ironed the heat n bond onto the lace. I placed a sheet of wax paper down underneath the lace so the heat n bond wouldn’t melt on my ironing board.

dscn1173I cut out my heart design. Peeled off the white backing. Ironed it onto the back of my dress. I also did the same with a smaller heart and ironed that onto the small pocket in the front of my dress.

dscn1175I used black fabric paint to finish off the appliques.

dscn1178See the heart on the pocket?! I also added pyramid spikes into the collar and changed the white buttons to black ones!

dscn1179I hemmed the dress by 2 inches to bring it up above the knee.

dscn1182The back!


Better than just a plain white dress!

2017-23-1-10-55-18Happy Refashioning!!!


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