Dip Dye Refash

I am so excited to share today’s refashion with you! I am really happy with how this turned out! Living in Michigan you would think I would have an abundance of winter clothing, but I do not. I actually have way more summer clothes, which leaves me really cold in the winter months. I have decided on trying to refashion more clothes I can wear in the winter.

I started with this over-sized waffle shirt.dscn11113/4 length sleeves, which is actually practical for me because all long sleeves are too long for my short arms. Pretty lace detail that blends in with the white blandness of the shirt.

I wanted to spice up this shirt with a little color!  dscn1120I used a box of Wine colored Rite Dye according to the “sink dying” method. I used an old bucket and dipped the bottom 1/2 of the shirt into the bucket.

After I rinsed the dye off of the shirt I put it into the washer on a “drain & spin” cycle. Unfortunately the dye on the bottom transferred onto the white portion of the shirt, turning it pink. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE pink but I REALLY wanted this to stay white.

I quickly mixed water and bleach in the bucket and dipped the top part of the shirt in for about 30 minutes.

This actually fixed the problem! Fewf!

dscn1124The finished product!


Happy Refashioning!!!


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