Holiday Pillows

I have been such a busy girl this holiday season with sewing gifts and holiday decor that I haven’t had time to make anything for myself to wear. It’s actually quite sad that I have no clothing refashions for you as of right now but I do have things I have sewn to share with you and that is better than nothing.

While at JoAnn Fabrics I came across this adorable gingerbread men print in the remnant bin. I try to gather up all the gingerbread Christmas things that I see because it has special meaning for my husband and I. You see our 2nd date was making gingerbread cookies together. Awww. But it turned out that we both were under the impression that gingerbread was supposed to taste like graham cracker….not the case. We ended up hating the gingerbread cookies, however they were very adorable.

Anyway, enough reminiscing! Let’s get to this sewing project!

I used the gingerbread men remnant and a fat quarter of cream fabric. I laid them on top of  each other good sides facing together. (Sew them inside out and then they will be flipped right side out)dscn1102I then marked a 1/2 inch seam on the outside edge.

dscn1103I like to draw a straight line for the seam allowance so I can sew a straight line and not have a wobbly looking pillow. (My freehand lines are pretty uneven at times)

dscn1104After making the seams I pin the two fabrics together.

dscn1105Begin to sew the fabric pieces together. To sew a square or rectangle I like to sew one side and when I am at a corner I leave the needle down, raise the presser foot, spin the fabric, lower the presser foot and continue sewing the next side. DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE A 2-3 inch OPENING to stuff the pillow. DO NOT sew a complete square/rectangle!!!

I like to stuff all 4 corners of the pillow first and then fill the rest of the pillow with stuffing.

Once you are done stuffing your pillow full now it  is time to sew up the stuffing hole by hand.dscn1113Here are our new Christmas pillows!

I also printed out JOY and NOEL and made stencils. I used fabric paint to paint on the words before I stuffed the pillows. I put a layer of wax paper between the fabrics so the fabric paint would not bleed through onto the other side.



I hope this inspires you to make some decorative pillows our of scraps!!!

Happy Refashioning!!!!


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