Bedtime Wear or Daytime Wear Refash

I picked up this dress at the thrift store because of it’s cozy cotton fabric. I thought if this was shortened it would be a nice dress to wear while running errands and such.

Once I got the dress home I began to wonder if in fact it was an actual dress or a nightgown. Since I found it on the dress rack, I’m going to say its a dress.dscn0999

I began by sewing black hem tape onto the edges of the sleeves to match the lace on the neckline.dscn1040

Sleeve 1, done!dscn1041

I removed the tag. (You’ll soon see why this was important)dscn1042

I cut 3 slits in the back.dscn1043

I added black hem tape to the rae edges. I aslo used the hem tape to gather the 2 middle sections together. This gave it a bow like appearance!dscn1044

I cut off about 1/2 of the dress off in order to bring up the hem.dscn1052

I even dressed up this dress a bit by wearing a thing black belt!!dscn1055

The back!dscn1056


 Happy Refashioning!!!


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