Dress to Tunic Top Refashion

This refashion is the second part of my last post T-Shirt Refash! Since I used the bottom part of this dress to add length to my t-shirt dress I had the whole top part left over!  I began my sinching up the straps. Made a new hem! Added some floral lace to the pockets. Aren't… Continue reading Dress to Tunic Top Refashion


T-shirt Dress Refash

I got inspiration from the refashionista for today's refashion. See Jillian's original blog post here  In the refashionista's refashion she takes an XL t-shirt and turns it into a dress and it's super cute! Awhile ago my dad had cleaned out his closet but before he could donate the old clothes I riffled through them. I pulled out… Continue reading T-shirt Dress Refash