Chevron Dress Refash

Lately I have been going through and making changes, updating and organizing and I came across a refash I completed in the spring but never posted it. Well, readers it’s your lucky day! I have dusted off this forgotten refashion and I am posting it for you today!

dscn0529This pretty chevron dress is another item given to me by our roomie! (This picture  makes me look like a total dweeb, I assure you I am not as dweebie as this depicts).

dscn0530I hope you noticed that the sleeves just had to go! I removed the sleeves.

dscn0531I finished off the armholes by folding over the fabric and sewing it.

dscn0536A keyhole back… isn’t that so awesome?! (Those was original to the dress, I can’t take credit for that).

dscn0533That’s the Blue Water Bridge in the background and to the right is Canada! This fact may seem pretty amazing to some. Being from the Southeast of Michigan we look to Canada as basically another state because we are so close and frequent there often!


Happy Refashioning!!!



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