Chevron Dress Refash

Lately I have been going through and making changes, updating and organizing and I came across a refash I completed in the spring but never posted it. Well, readers it's your lucky day! I have dusted off this forgotten refashion and I am posting it for you today! This pretty chevron dress is another item given… Continue reading Chevron Dress Refash


A Monster Refash

This refash is actually a no-sew! Woohoo! This is a quick and easy t-shirt refashion. I started with this awesome t-shirt that my roomie so kindly gave to me! I can't begin to tell you how bad I wanted a Monster shirt back in high school. I can't tell you how it took me 10… Continue reading A Monster Refash

Tassel Tutorial

Tassels seem to be so popular right now! I have had a few requests for a tassel tutorial since I featured them in my tunic refashion for Refashion Runway this season. Whelp, here it goes! Start with a packet of embroidery floss. Pull a sting out from one end and cut it off and in half. Take… Continue reading Tassel Tutorial

Long Sleeves to No Sleeves

 I have a fascination with decorative collars on button down shirts. However, most come with long sleevs and I have no use for long sleeves. I prefer no sleeves and a cardigan if the weather is cold. So this is where my inspiration for todays refashion comes from! I found this adorable coral shirt with… Continue reading Long Sleeves to No Sleeves