Refashion Runway: Tunic Challenge 

Honestly the only thing that comes to mind when I think tunic is Robin Hood and Peter Pan. Something long, with a sash, something worn in the renaissance period. When my husband heard about the Tunic challenge he basically said the same thing and proceeded to ask for me to make him a Robin Hood outfit. Unfortunately I denied him his medieval outfit, for now at least.I needed to take my Renaissance idea and give it a feminine and updated look.

I began with these gauzy white pants and breezy button down. I just love the color of this button down! It actually had beautiful grey metallic beading at the collar and cuffs.

For the pants:I began by cutting off the existing elastic waistband and pinning a new casting for new stretchy elastic.

I threaded through my new stretchy elastic.

I used a pair of my favorite skinny jeans as a template to transform my gauzy pants into gauzy skinny pants! I pinned and stitched up the pant legs.

For the top:I cut slits in each sleeve.

I evened out the front of my top by sewing a straight line across. This made the front shorter than the back (common for a tunic).

I cut out the buttons and button holes and sew the 2 pieces together.

I cut out a square neckline. I also cut 2 slits in the sides.

I outline the square neckline, arm slits and sleeve cuffs.

Finishing touches:I made tassels out of grey embroidery floss and stitched them to the collar of my top.

I took about 4 inches from this beautiful tasseled scarf and turned it into a sash to complete my tunic!

Accessory:I snagged these Ann Taylor wedges for 50% off! I sewed on a decorative gray metallic button! (You know I love buttons!)

Happy Refashioning!!!

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