Refashion Runway: Metallic Challenge

This is what I love about this competition is that it forces me to get out of my comfort zone and think way outside of the box! Metallic was something I wouldn’t really pick on my own but now I don’t think I’ll shy away from it!

I was so lucky I scored this beautiful metallic formal dress! First, I made a waistband out of 3 inch black elastic. (See where I’m going with this…skirt!) The dress had a black lining under the metallic fabric so I used that to make a skirt. Then I cut 4 strips of metallic fabric to make a layered skirt. Instead of hemming each layer of metallic fabric I used black bias tape! I think it really defines the layers too!

Next: The Top!

I had a solid black t-shirt, in stock! I removed the top decorative layer of the original dress. I cut the t-shirt at an angle to make a one-shouldered top and then sewed on the decorative piece from the metallic dress.
Lastly: An accessory!I had left over fabric from the top of the original metallic dress…but what to do with it?

 I made a wristlet! I sewed the scrap into a square, added a button loop and wrist loop made of black bias tape scraps and sewed it together with silver metallic thread! Then added a hot pink button as an accent!

Happy Refashioning!!! 
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10 thoughts on “Refashion Runway: Metallic Challenge

  1. I like the 80s look of this 🙂 And I love that you always add a little something-something to personalize it (pink shoes, bias tape). Nicely done.

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