Off the Shoulder Down Refash

I purchased this nautical themed shirt at a Salvation Army for $2.

I really had no plans for it but it was nautical so I couldn’t pass it up.RSCN0611 I’ve seen a few tutorials online for an off the shoulder button down refash and decided to give it a try!

DSCN0624I cut straight across the shirt about 4 inches up from the front pockets.

I folded over the top and pinned to it make a casing for some 1/2inch elastic.

DSCN0626Threaded my elastic through and stitched up the remaining hole.

RSCN0631I found these very appropriate buttons among my button stash! So excited!

DSCN0633I replaced all the buttons with my very sparkly new sea themed buttons!

July 2nd was my dad’s Birthday! Being that his Birthday is so close to the 4th of July we are always on the boat and usually don’t do too much besides presents and dinner to celebrate (not that spending the weekend boat camping is a bad thing). This year my dad requested a very fancy dinner served at the marina.

I set up a table for 4 in our screened in tent complete with chair covers, flowers, candles, table cloth and linen napkins. I grilled steaks with mushrooms, spicy shrimp skwers, asparagus and baked potatoes served with a nicely chilled pino noir! He was so very happy with his Birthday dinner!

DSCN0671 Phototastic-2016-07-07-22-51-01

Happy Refashioning!!!


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