No Sew Tank Top

One of my souviners from my trip to Florida this past Christmas was this t-shirt.I purchased it from a bin of $5 t-shirts. I had every intention of using it for a refashion. I cut off the sleeves. Cut off the collar. After my initial cuts I put my shirt onto Sally and made some… Continue reading No Sew Tank Top


Off the Shoulder Down Refash

I purchased this nautical themed shirt at a Salvation Army for $2. I really had no plans for it but it was nautical so I couldn't pass it up. I've seen a few tutorials online for an off the shoulder button down refash and decided to give it a try! I cut straight across the shirt… Continue reading Off the Shoulder Down Refash

Summer Dress Refash

The roomie and I scored these adorable B&W striped dresses on clearance at WalMart for $3! Wow! Lucky for us they had both our we could be twinzies! Pretty cute cotton dress all by itself but you already know I can't leave something as is! My plan was to incorporate this beautiful silk scarf… Continue reading Summer Dress Refash