BoHo Dress + Bonus: Flower Crown

This past weekend the hubby took me to see Florence + the Machine in concert! I was super excited because I love their music! In the spirit of the concert I would be needing a boho look!

DSCN0587I started with this dress, which is out of my comfort zone because I really don’t like green. But I’ll give it a try!

DSCN0597I began by taking in the bodace by 2 1/2 inches.

DSCN0591Then I shortned the straps.

DSCN0579Awhile back I dyed this shirt, which used to be white. I was very surprised at how the lace had taken in the dye and very unimpressed by how the shirt did not. As a whole the shirt looked nice but it wasn’t what I wanted.

DSCN0581I harvested the lace from that shirt for my new dress.

DSCN0599I sewed the larger lace to the front.

DSCN0593I also used fabric paint to add a little color to the existing dress…not too pleased on how the color turned out.

DSCN0598I sewed the smaller lace pieces to the back where the straps ended.

DSCN0596The bottom of the dress had this drawstring. I added wooden beads for decoration then decided I wanted to remove the drawstring all together.

Now for the flower crown:

DSCN0602I wrapped an old headband in brown ribbon.

DSCN0588Hot glued fabric flowers onto the headband.

DSCN0604This is what I ended up with!

DSCN0605I think it turned out really nice!



 Concert selfie!

 Amazing!!! Phototastic-2016-06-13-21-20-51

Happy Refashioning!!!


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