Greek Goddess Refash

I purchased this dress at a thrift store that I don’t normally visit. I picked it up without really knowing what to do with it. I thought it was kinda ugly and hopeless. 


the light bulb in my brain turned on!


Let’s take a closer look at that fabric…DSCN0561Ohh so shiny!

DSCN0562Take a hike poofy shoulder pads!!!

My bright idea was to turn this into a type of greek goddess toga.

DSCN0563I seam ripped the shoulder seams.

RSCN0565I removed this weird piece of fabric from the inside of the neckline. It was seriously cramping my style. I like to call this annoying piece of fabric the bib.

DSCN0569I had to mark where I wanted to sew my clasps. Seeing the toga-ish design?

DSCN0575 Greek goddess toga? Hmmm I’m leaning more toward 1930’s Hollywood glam!

We went to the Fox Theatre to see Riverdance! I have been waiting to see Riverdance live since I was 9 or 10 years old​!!! Let me tell you it was so amazing! Totally worth the wait!


The hubby and I 🙂 Phototastic-2016-06-05-19-49-51

Happy Refashioning!!!


4 thoughts on “Greek Goddess Refash

      1. Beautiful Dress!!! I went to London & Paris in the mid 90’s with Amber & her dance group. We were suppose to have tickets for Phantom but something happened so we ended up with tickets for a show that no one really was familiar with called.. Riverdance! It was the original cast.. and was amazing!! 🙂

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      2. Thank you!
        Oh wow! What a lucky surprise for you guys!!! Riverdance in Europe!? I bet that was amazing!!! Don’t get me wrong Phantom of the Opera would have been amazing too but I think you lucked out seeing the original Riverdance!
        This Riverdance was really good but I know it didn’t come close to the original with Michael Flatley!!!


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