Polo to Skirt Refash

DSCN0390First of all Happy Very Belated Mother’s Day to all you mothers! 🙂

This refash was done so I could wear something for my mom’s Mother’s Day celebration! We took my mama to Belle Isle in Detroit, where we visited the Aquarium, Conservatory, Lighthouse and Detroit Boat Club. (For those of you non-Michiganders: Belle Isle is a Michigan State Park that has recently been restored to it’s former glory! It’s and island in the Detroit River connected to downtown Detroit by a bridge).


DSCN0395I started by removing the pocket (I saved it to reattach it later).

DSCN0407Cut just below the sleeves.

DSCN0424Measured a piece of 1 inch elastic to my waist size.

DSCN0464Sewed the casing for the elastic.

Then threaded the elastix through with my bodkin!

DSCN0465Pinned and sewed on the pocket!



DSCN0471Me and my wonderful mama! Love you mama! I got my awesome style from her, best dressed mama around!

DSCN0468The hubby and I!



Happy Refashioning!!!


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