Watermelon Refash Part 1

A few weeks ago the husband and I went to see Alton Brown live! Such an awesome experience deserves an equally awesome refash!


This is where my before picture would normally be but I do not have one…I was POSITIVE I had one but when I looked through my archives…I discovered that I did not 😦

I have been holding onto this dress for the past year just waiting for the perfect opportunity to refash it.

DSCN0425Just imagine this heap of watermelon fabric as a floor length long sleeved dress…Holy Watermelon Batman!

So, it only makes sense to wear food themed clothing to see the culinary genius, Alton Brown!

Said goodbye to the shoulder pads!

DSCN0426I cut my dress 3 inches above the original skirt seam.

DSCN0427I folded over the excess 3 inches to make a casing for some elastic.

DSCN0428Threaded through my elastic using my trusted bodkin!

DSCN0433All ready to go!!!

A peak at the Fox Theater in Detroit:        

Ahhhh it’s Alton Brown!!! He’s amazing!!!


His shirt says “Detroit Vs. Everybody” Right on Alton, Detroit pride!


Happy Refashioning!!!!


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