Kentucky Derby Refash

This reminds me of a 1940's waitress uniform. Demoved these silly little shoulder pads. I placed a pin to show where I wanted my high-low dress to end. I removed the white ruffle from the sleeves. (In my opinion it was too much). Sewed a new rolled hem! New sleeves! Stitched up this hole that… Continue reading Kentucky Derby Refash


Polo to Skirt Refash

First of all Happy Very Belated Mother's Day to all you mothers! 🙂 This refash was done so I could wear something for my mom's Mother's Day celebration! We took my mama to Belle Isle in Detroit, where we visited the Aquarium, Conservatory, Lighthouse and Detroit Boat Club. (For those of you non-Michiganders: Belle Isle… Continue reading Polo to Skirt Refash

Watermelon Refash Part 1

A few weeks ago the husband and I went to see Alton Brown live! Such an awesome experience deserves an equally awesome refash!    This is where my before picture would normally be but I do not have one...I was POSITIVE I had one but when I looked through my archives...I discovered that I did… Continue reading Watermelon Refash Part 1