Sweater into a Pillow

This is a pretty easy yet functional refash!

I recently picked up a sweater at my local thrift store during the .50 cent sale.

I have been hanging onto a purple pillow for the last 5 years, waiting to recover it.

Before: just a sweater and a pillow.

DSCN0382I cut the sweater across just under the sleeves.

DSCN0384Then I ended up with this square of fabric. To cut down on sewing I kept the original sode seems of the sweater.

DSCN0385Pinned and sewed the top and the bottom but leaving a hole at the bottom for the stuffing.


DSCN0388See: hole for stuffing.

DSCN0389Stuff, stuff, stuff!

Then I hand stitched the hole.My new pillow!

DSCN0398Our wonderful friend, Karl, modeling my new pillow for me! Thanks Karl 🙂

Happy Refashioning!!!


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