Boring Button Down Shirt Refash

I am starting this refash with a playsuit that I only wore once and it has been in my closet for the last 5 years.

In my fit of spring cleaning I threw this in my refash pile for later.DSCN0136I seperated the top from the bottom.

DSCN0164I separated the front from the back. The back piece was actually see through so I only wanted the front piece.

I wanted to add this to a button down shirt I got from my roomie! (So sorry I forgot the before pic).

I cut out a piece of the button down shirt and sewed in the fabric from my playsuit. DSCN0165

I decided to actually keep sleeves on something this time! I cut the long sleeves ito short sleeves.DSCN0187

Removed the collar.DSCN0194

Then I decided that making this into a v-neck would make this look better.DSCN0307

Changed the matching blue buttons into black buttons.DSCN0192And there ya have it! Success!

The front.DSCN0350DSCN0348The back!

Happy Refashioning!!!


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