Heat N Bond Appliques

This is my 1st attempt at using Heat n Bond to make my own appliqués. Let me tell you I will definitely repeat it! I have unlocked a whole new world of refashioning! For my 1st trick I started with this sweatshirt that I got from my roomie and some fabric I got in the… Continue reading Heat N Bond Appliques


Sweater into a Pillow

This is a pretty easy yet functional refash! I recently picked up a sweater at my local thrift store during the .50 cent sale. I have been hanging onto a purple pillow for the last 5 years, waiting to recover it. Before: just a sweater and a pillow. I cut the sweater across just under… Continue reading Sweater into a Pillow

Boring Button Down Shirt Refash

I am starting this refash with a playsuit that I only wore once and it has been in my closet for the last 5 years. In my fit of spring cleaning I threw this in my refash pile for later.I seperated the top from the bottom. I separated the front from the back. The back… Continue reading Boring Button Down Shirt Refash

A Refash Fit for a Sailor

This refash starts with a sailor themed dress. I almost did not take this home with me because I thought it was too 'costumey'. I thought better of it and took it home anyway! Oh lord I look like I could be in the Navy! Those sleeve have got to go! I had to pull… Continue reading A Refash Fit for a Sailor

Throwback Tnursday

I am pleased to share a Throwback Thursday that goes wayyy back. I have been very busy cleaning out my parents house of all the stuff I left behind when I moved out 5 years ago. Among all the stuff that I left behind was my prom dress from my senior prom back in 2006.… Continue reading Throwback Tnursday