Cozy Dress Refash

Today I started with is soft and comfy cotton dress. I picked this one up because of its funky pattern.

DSCN0141This is more of a winter dress but I really hated the look of the sleeves plus the elastic at the cuff was all stretched out.

DSCN0162Pinned my new sleeve hem.

DSCN0182Took 3 inches off the bottom and hemmed it.

DSCN0172Next, at the waist the elastic was too big. So I picked open a hole and pulled the elastic tight and sewed it together.

DSCN0184I went way out and changed the black buttons to bright red ones and I even used red thread for the hems.

Phototastic-2016-03-26-23-23-45I didn’t do too much exciting with my new dress, just lazed about the house all day. I liked the look of a belt with this dress but perhaps not this red belt, I think it miht be too dressy for this one.
Happy Refashioning!!!


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