Little Black Dress

Every girl needs at least 1 little black dress in their closet. (Or at least that’s what fashion experts say).

So with that said…here is my LBD!

DSCN0214I do apologize for pawning off the modeling of this one on Sally, but I was kinda in a rush.

DSCN0215Changed these boring black plastic buttons for…

DSCN0216Classic pearl buttons!

DSCN0217I sliced open the sides of the sleeves.

I thought this would be a good chance to test out my rolled hem foot, but that proved to be a bigger headache that what it was worth for this project.

DSCN0219So I rolled the material over onto its self by hand.

DSCN0221Paired with my awesome Missy Piggy pearls! I like this one, and I didn’t even have to shorten it!

New Image

Happy Refashioning!!!


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