Cozy Dress Refash

Today I started with is soft and comfy cotton dress. I picked this one up because of its funky pattern. This is more of a winter dress but I really hated the look of the sleeves plus the elastic at the cuff was all stretched out. Pinned my new sleeve hem. Took 3 inches off… Continue reading Cozy Dress Refash


A Nip, Tuck and Hem Refash

On my recent trip to the Salvation Army I found this vintage dress! I bought it with the intention of a refash but once I got it home I thought better of it. I realized I loved everything about this dress! Such a classic! Annnd it Swiss! I ignored the Dry Clean Only directions (like… Continue reading A Nip, Tuck and Hem Refash

Spring Polk-a-Dot Refash

Pretty pattern but very unflattering on me. I removed the sleeves and those faux pockets! No sense in having faux pockets! By removing the faux pockets I was left with this opening on each side. I quickly stitched that back together and it was good as new! These adorable little green apple buttons were on… Continue reading Spring Polk-a-Dot Refash

Little Black Dress

Every girl needs at least 1 little black dress in their closet. (Or at least that's what fashion experts say). So with that is my LBD! I do apologize for pawning off the modeling of this one on Sally, but I was kinda in a rush. Changed these boring black plastic buttons for... Classic… Continue reading Little Black Dress

A Birthday Refash

Last Saturday was my Birthday! The husband and our friends were taking me out for dinner and drinks to celebrate! Since it was my Birthday I figured what better way to celebrate then wearing my favorite color: PINK! Ohh la la! The original buttons on my dress were gold. Now, don't get me wrong I… Continue reading A Birthday Refash