Remnant Blankets

I have very exciting news!

We have welcomed a new member into our family.

Meet our bunnygirl Miffy!

To welcome our new baby bunny to her furever home I decided to make some blankets out of some material remnants (bunny size, of course).

Blanket 1:

DSCN0119I used 2 pieces of fabric and placed quilt batting between the fabric.

DSCN0121I tucked the edges of the fabric and pinned them together.

DSCN0122Pinned and ready for the machine!



All done and ready for snuggling!

Blanket 2:

DSCN0128My mom purchased this remnant of super fuzzy fabric for .68 cents!

DSCN0129I lined up the fabric and trimmed the edges.

DSCN0130I pinned the sides together.

DSCN0133Ran it through the machine. Turned it right side out and finished stitching the end.



Happy Refashioning!!!


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