Mardi Gras Accessories

Laissez les bons temps rouler: Let the Good Times Roll!

Since Mardi Gras was on Tuesday I took a raincheck and decided to celebrate on Friday! (I work late on Tuesdays, not so much in the party mood then).

We celebrated in true N’awlins style!

 I made chicken and sausage creole with red beans and rice! Drank a few hurricanes!

 And made King Cake cupcakes!

But of course I needed to dress appropriately as well!

I bought these masks at the dollar store. I loved the feather one but it was flat and boring. I liked the structure  of the silver one. So, why not combine the two!?

DSC00033I hot glued the masks together. I also hot glued 2 bamboo skewers as a handle and wrapped that with black ribbon.

DSC00034I laid out 12 beaded necklaces, singled out 3 and wrapped the 3 around the bunch.

DSC00035I secured each end with wire.

DSC00036I snipped off the stragglers on the ends.

DSC00038Wrapped the ends in black ribbon. This will also be used to tie the necklace on.

One last detail: I glued a crown to the side of my necklace.

I’m really getting a lot of use out of the skirt I made in my Star Wars Refash:

The roomies 🙂

Happy Refashioning!!!


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