Refash Fit for The King

I have been listening to Elvis Radio on Sirus/XM radio in my new car and all week they have been talking how much Elvis loved football. Since I had no inspiration for a Superbowl refash I decided to make an Elvis thememed shirt. What better way to remember Elvis than with his favorite sport!?

 I​ started​ with this royal blue tank top. (Thank you Sally for modeling it)

  And this scrap shirt. Doesn’t look like a scrap you say?

  How about now? I harvested material from this shirt for another refash.

  I made some stencils…(See where this is going?)

  Yep good ol’ fabric paint!

  I planned on using the sleeves of my scrap shirt and adding them to the tank top.

  While I was taking off the sleeves I also took off the pocket (to use sometime later)

  And the buttons as well!


 I have to admit I almost scrapped this project after I pinned on the sleeves. I really was not happy with where this was going, but I talked myself out of it. I said ‘it won’t be that bad, just go for it’

  The husband and I were invited to watch the game with my parents in The Man Cave! It’s tradition that the 4 of us get together for the Superbowl festivities! (Thankful we didn’t get snowed in like last year).

  Our very own Lombardi trophy! My dad made this back in 1998!

 Whelp, I was pleasantly surprised and happy I just went with it! And I stuffed myself silly on snack I may not want to eat for a week!

Happy Refashioning!!!


One thought on “Refash Fit for The King

  1. Elvis would certainly approve! You are very creative and the shirt is adorable on you. Hope you had fun with your parents and your husband. I love your re-fashions.


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