Dinosaur Refash

Hi readers! Frist, I would like to apologize for some of these pictures being blurry. When I started this refash my camera on my phone ended up breaking because it refused to focus. Since then I have replaced my phone so I shouldn’t have anymore problems.

So let’s get to this refash!!!

At my local thrift store’s .50 cent sale they pile tables full of items separated by type. I always seem to find myself at the kid’s clothing table not because I have kids but because I like the idea of using the little duds as appliqués.

That’s when I found this little dude!  hi.

  Since it is winter I figured that this little guy could dress up a plain sweatshirt.

  So I cut my new dinasaour dude out in a square and pinned it on my sweatshirt.

  I didn’t care much for the neckline on this so I decided to cut it off and make it an off-the-shoulder sweatshirt.

  I decided that adding some dinasaour footprints would give my new sweatshirt +100 in cuteness. I cut out my stencil and painted!

 I painted on a series of footprints on the back as well as two on the front of the sleeve. 


Happy Refashioning!!!


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