Button Down Refash

This refash is brought to you by our dear roomie for 2 reasons: 1. She loves black lace and 2. She so graciously gave me this shirt.  

  Just your run-of-the-mill button down shirt. I am always excited at button downs because I never get to wear them (wearing scrubs everyday and all).

  I took the sides in to make it a little more fitted. (With he help of Sally of course)! (She is so awesome, no more sticking myself with pins)!

  I added some black bias tape to the collar. My idea is to wear the collar popped, so I wanted to add something.
  I wanted to add some lace to the back of the shirt. I made a template for cutting out the lace. I cut 3 pieces of lace.

  I remembered from a previous refash that I was too cold with just a lace panel. I cut a piece  from a black shirt I had in my fabric stash. 
 I cut out the back of the shirt.

 Pinned the black panel.
  Pinned the 3 pieces of lace.

  I added some black hem tape to the bottom of the shirt.

  I folded the cuffs up and sewed on some of the hem tape to the inside of the cuff.

  Sewed on 2 buttons to make them look like cuff links.

  I changed the white buttons to black for an extra pop!  

 I gathered and pinned some fabric at the top of the panels I added.
Then I sewed it in place and added a button that matched the ones I used for the cuffs.
  Lastly, I removed the front pocket. I like pockets but I feel that removing this pocket takes the business formal away from the shirt.

 I wore my new shirt to the Detroit Auto Show. Every year on Martin Luther King Jr. day my dad takes me to the auto show!

Buick Avista Concept Car. This car is beautiful! Star of the show!

 2017 Chevy Camero.
Kyle Busch’s race car.

  Saw the new Lincoln Continnental.

 James Bond’s Aston Martin…but where is Mr. Bond?

 After the show my dad treated me to Gryos in Greektown! Yumm!



Happy Refashioning!!!


4 thoughts on “Button Down Refash

  1. Good call about the draftiness of lace. I would probably not line it as I am always hot. The lace on the cuffs does tie the look together. I love collecting and using fancy buttons. I bought a pretty, patterned black blouse but the buttons were too small (embarrassing). I didn’t have a set that worked so I used a different button for each!

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    1. Thank you! It was a good call to line the lace also because the weather just turned freezing here in Michigan. Using different buttons is a great idea! I’ll have to use that on something!


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