Sewing Room Improvements

Hi readers!

I hope everyone had fantastic holidays and are enjoying the New Year!

I have been very busy getting my sewing space ready for some serious refashioning!

   I bought myself an office chair for my sewing table. It was boring and black. I used a sheet for the fabric to reupholster my new chair. I also took it apart and spray painted it white.

 I totally lucked out when I found this organizing drawers at the store. Perfect color! I used this to store all my fabric paints, dyes, bias tape, etc…

 I organized all my fabric, scraps, clothes I plan on using for fabric etc. in these bins. So much better than the pile I accumulated in the corner. (It was so embarrassing I couldn’t even take a picture for you).
   Hello, meet Sally! (another Christmas present) Sally will be assisting me in my future refashions!

 The finished product!
Stay tunded for some exciting refashions!


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