Dinosaur Refash

Hi readers! Frist, I would like to apologize for some of these pictures being blurry. When I started this refash my camera on my phone ended up breaking because it refused to focus. Since then I have replaced my phone so I shouldn't have anymore problems. So let's get to this refash!!! At my local… Continue reading Dinosaur Refash


Star Wars Refash

After cleaning up after all the holidays and my last minute trip to florida the husband finally took me to see Star Wars!!!! (I felt like the only one in the world that hadn't seen it yet)   I made a stencil of Darth Vader's chest plate.    I painted the chest piece on a… Continue reading Star Wars Refash

Button Down Refash

This refash is brought to you by our dear roomie for 2 reasons: 1. She loves black lace and 2. She so graciously gave me this shirt.     Just your run-of-the-mill button down shirt. I am always excited at button downs because I never get to wear them (wearing scrubs everyday and all).     I… Continue reading Button Down Refash

Sewing Room Improvements

Hi readers! I hope everyone had fantastic holidays and are enjoying the New Year! I have been very busy getting my sewing space ready for some serious refashioning!    I bought myself an office chair for my sewing table. It was boring and black. I used a sheet for the fabric to reupholster my new… Continue reading Sewing Room Improvements

A Dress for Florida Refash

I picked up this dress when the husband and I were in Lansing a few months ago. I was super excited for this print and light cotton fabric. This dress would be perfect for a hot summer day, but unfortunately when I got this dress winter was on our doorstep. Until...we planned our last minute… Continue reading A Dress for Florida Refash