Is It Black or Navy?

I picked this little number up for .50 cents! I am still undecided if it was a black dress or a navy dress. In certain light it looks black and in others is looks navy. I held something black next to it and it looked navy, so I don’t know!

  I switched out the seashell type buttons for some red ones.

I chopped off 8 inches off the bottom.  

I’m not sure what the purpose of this is? Weird.

   Hemmed the bottom.  

  I took the scrap from the bottom and turned it into a sash!

  I took some more scraps and made 2 long strips of fabric. 

 I pinned the strips od fabric to the inside hem of each sleeve. This was going to make a strap for the sleeves. 

    Seewed a button to secure the strap.

This strap attaches to the shoulder. 

  Wore my new dress to Fred Howard beach! It was a beautifully sunny day, 87 degrees!

   This guy was a professional beach goer for sure!
     Sitting in the sun made us very hungry, so we ran on down to the Wing House!
 Mmm wiiings!


Happy Refashioning!!!


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