Horse Dress Refash

I picked this dress up for it’s awesome hot pink horse pattern, and it being part of my 5 for $5 wasn’t bad either! Only 1 problem…

  It had no buttons to button up the front. Yikes!
  I removed the scratchy tag and the 4 buttons that were on the sleeves.

  I used a ruler to make straight lines to form a square.
  I cut out the square.

  Then I cut a square of hot pink lace.

  I pinned the lace in the hole I cut.

  Oh! Did you notice my new pin cushion!? Part of my black friday score from JoAnns!
  I sewed the lace.

  I cut 8 inches off the sleeves.

  Rolled the sleeves up 1/2 inch and sewed it.
  Then folded again, 1 inch and sewed that in place.

  I cut a small piece of the lace.
Pinned and sewed it into the dress where the buttons were being sewed on.

    Sewed on the bottons I saved from the sleeves. I was 1 short so I found this square button that was a close match.

  The lace and the buttons!

  This is our pretty little tree in our family room 🙂 We were getting ready for a night of Wild Lights at the Detroit Zoo!

   It was a cold 34 degrees for our night out. So I wore my new dress with a scarf, leggins and my new thrifted cowgirl boots!

   The back!

  Me and the hubby!


  We had such a fun time looking at these awesome christmas light desplays but it was nice to get back inside where it was warm!


Happy Refashioning!!! 


4 thoughts on “Horse Dress Refash

  1. Where to start??? I LOVE the horses; love the lace; love the cut-out in the back (clever!); love the buttons; love the sleeves… Love the pin cushion 🙂 This is awesome.

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  2. What if you were to add a lining behind the lace panel in the back in a matching or beige color(like the dress background)? Then you wouldn’t have to deal with lingerie show-through. Otherwise I think yo did a great job on the “refash”!


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    1. Thank you Penny. That is a very good idea and I might add the background fabric. When I originally cut the panel I didn’t realize how much was going to show through. Oh well live and learn!


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