Fun With Fabric Paint Part 2

Back in September when the hubby and I visited Potter Park Zoo we bought ourselves some zooviners! The hubby bought a very warm and cozy sweatshirt with the Zoo’s name embroidered on it and I bought this awesome wolf shirt… 

IIt says “Be Wild” on the front, so cool! I was very disappointed that this shirt did not have the zoo’s name on it and being a zooviner I wanted it to have the name of the zoo.

   I printed out some text that was very close to the zoo’s logo on the husband’s sweatshirt.

I cut it out…
Used a black  fabric marker to draw the name on my shirt.

  Looking good!
 There we go! Now I can proudy desplay the zoo’s name along with an awesome memory of being there with the hubby!
Happy Refashioning!!!


2 thoughts on “Fun With Fabric Paint Part 2

    1. Honestly the fabric marker was a pain because it would pull the fabric so it was difficult to draw. I actually had to make a series of dots to fill in the letters. But I don’t see how you couldn’t try a sharpie vs. fabric marker.


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