Fun With Fabric Paint Part 1

The next couple of weeks I will be posting a series of posts called “Fun With Fabric Paint”. It will be featuring some of my refashions using…you guessed it! Fabric paint!

A littke background story: My love for fabric paint started back when I was in high school. I started making t-shirts for my favorite musical bands and then moved onto making cute novelty tees. I figured if I couldn’t find it for sale, I would make it!

I wish I still had all of the tees I made but alas I grew out of them and ran out of space to store them. I just hope someone found them at the Salvation Army and loved them as much as I did!

My 1st one in this segment is a tee I made to show my love for refashioning! 

I found this awesome sewing themed heartbeat online. Printed it. Cut it out wih an Xacto knife. And painted it on my shirt.

I really like the orange shirt and purple paint. A combo out of my comfort zone.

  This is also the shirt I wore in my Refashion Runway Challenge #3 post!
Happy Refashioning!!!


3 thoughts on “Fun With Fabric Paint Part 1

  1. I LOVED this tshirt when I saw it on the Refashion Runway post that week. I seriously thought it was store bought. I was searching for “sewing Tshirts” on Amazon trying to find it. True story.


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