A Friendly Refashion

Since our roomie moved in she has watched refashion after refashion. She has witnessed the fun, success, consentraion and frustration with each. She has been there to give me her opinion when I got sewers block. Then she was fianlly bitten by the refash bug….

I am happy to share with you her very 1st refash! Let me tell you its amazing! She is super creative!

  So the poor thing got dragged along to the thrift store while I was in a panic to find the materials I needed for my Refashion Runway #2 challenge (yeah I know it took me a long while to post this). While watching me frantically look through all the racks for something Gingham she began to look for herself. 

Among a bunch of clothes that were cute as is she found this jem, cute but not completely her style.
  Chopped off those ugly sleeves very fast! Oh yeah and the shoulder pads too!

  Hemmed the dress by 3 inches and added some black lace.
  The she opened up the dress at the waist and added some hook and eye clasps for some closure. This gave the dress a better fit.

Changed those boring white buttons to these classy black and silver ones.  

  After some major debating we decided that we actually like the collar on this dress but it just needed some pizzaz! She added the same black lace to finsh the arm holes and a little lace under the collar. One last detail was the black rose appliqués. Nice touch!

  Ta da!
  Our favorite couple!

  Isn’t it just an amazing refash!? I just love it! Couldn’t have done any better myself!

The day we created our refashions was the day we had tickets for the Kroger food and wine tasting. So it worked out that we could show off our work!

I had scored this silly little lemon dress for $1!
Pretty silly, I know but I just can’t seem to pass up fruit patterns! I was very lucky to have found this  dress in my size! However, I am not crazy about my small bust in strapless dresses. Had to fix that!  

  I sewed 2 inch bias tape under the bust. I added 2 green buttons to bring out some of the green in the dress.

  To fix the strapless problem I added bias tape around the neck to make a halter.

  Me and the husband.

Happy Refashioning!!


4 thoughts on “A Friendly Refashion

  1. Well you know I’m crazy about lace 🙂 The fact that’s her first refashion is quite impressive. I love the lemon dress too… you work wonders with bias tape (I’ve ALWAYS struggled with it). Nicely done, Girls.

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