Marble Dress Refash

When I came home with this dress my husband immediately started calling it my marble dress. He says the pattern reminds him of marbles thus the marble dress was born!

  Vintage beauty from Sears!

I love the white piping around the collar and the sleeves! I wonder why they didn’t continue it onto the bottom hem?

Whelp that’s why I’m here! To fix such things 🙂

 I picked up some white piping bias tape and some purple lace to add to the bottom hem of my marble dress.
   (See the ‘marbles’?) I cut off 5 inches of the bottom of the dress and began pinning the piping bias tape.

  I cut about 4 inches of my lace fabric but once I started pinning I decided that having only the scalloped part peek out from underneath looked better.
 Now that dress looks like it should have off the rack!

The piping really tied the dress together!  Just look at that detail, would ya!?
Wore my new and improved marble dress to a bar crawl in Detroit!

 Had a blast drinking fancy beers with this cute couple!

 The husbands beer flight…probably only 2 of which I would try. Not a dark beer fan whatsoever!


Happy Refashioning!!!


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